Our biggest collaboration yet...

More than a decade ago when we first founded Zyris Software we did so with the goal of helping founders and their startups share their big ideas with the world without having to take on the expensive burden of becoming software development experts, navigating a rapidly evolving technology landscape or building an in-house development team.

Our vision was to focus on creating secure, scalable and high-quality software so our trusted clients could focus on what mattered most: providing value for their customers while growing their businesses to become profitable powerhouses. It was in striving towards this vision that we were inspired to create the Zyris Framework, which we hoped would serve as a software development tool to help even more founders and their startups.

Equipped with this new tool we began investing in many of our clients, diligently evolving the Zyris Framework to provide them with as much value as they needed to achieve their goals, while striving to stay true to our founding vision.

Thanks to the trust, guidance and support of many of these wonderful clients, we evolved the Zyris Framework into a powerful business software platform that has powered their startups past product market fit and into profitability. During this journey we had the opportunity to work on so many exciting projects and with founders that have challenged, inspired and pushed us to innovate and grow well beyond what we initially imagined was possible.

As a result of the Zyris Framework's evolution, in June of 2024 we were presented with an opportunity to forge a partnership with an industry titian that will enable us to fully realize our vision of empowering businesses worldwide to help their ideas manifest from the chip to the cloud and beyond.

We are excited to announce that effective immediately we will be transitioning to an invite-only model and will no longer be taking on any new unsolicited projects.

If you are interested in applying to work with us please complete this application.

Zyris Framework Customers:

If you are an existing Zyris Framework customer your dedicated account manager will have contacted you in early June with details of the upcoming changes. They'll have shared with you the exciting roadmap of new features and capabilities we will be rolling out, as well as all the extra bonuses you'll have access to starting in Q3 of 2024.

If for some reason you have yet to be contacted and your Zyris Framework license is valid after June 2024, please reach out to your account manager as soon as possible.

If you are a past Zyris Framework customer (with one exception, you know who you are) or have an expired license that you would like to renew, you will have received digital and paper correspondence in early June with a special offer to upgrade to a new license by December 31, 2024.

To ensure you’re able to take advantage of the special offer please do your best to opt-in before the end of 2024, otherwise you may be subject to approval based on our invite-only criteria. If you have not received this correspondence please reach out to your account manager before the end of Q3 2024.

Thank You to the founders who helped us get here, we appreciate your encouragement

Abdul Osman
Gessic & Goracle

It was a pleasure working with Nabeel and Zyris. We were a fast growing startup, doubling our employees for 2-3 months straight, creating a lot of turbulence. Having a steady presence like Nabeel really helped us think through a lot of decisions we may have rushed. He also helped us think outside the box, in terms of best ways to structure the business according to our goals, and his mentorship of some of our key leaders has helped those employees flourish. We were grateful to have Nabeel on board during that time of growth.

During our experience with Zyris, the customer service has always been very friendly, the communication has been timely and the competence has been superb.

Julie Rubin
Elevated Learning Academy
Peter Poremsky
Platinum Ground Works

The team at Zyris were great in recreating our website and creating new marketing materials for us to promote the business. Communication and execution were exceptional. They were a pleasure to work with and we will be using them in the future to help further the growth of our business.

It was a pleasure to work with Zyris. We were having an infrastructure issue that was hard to locate the cause. Zyris brought another skill set to the table and was able to quickly point us in the right direction. They were very professional, well organized and communication was top-notch. They were thorough in the contract and agreement providing a non-disclosure giving us an assurance you can trust working with them. We would recommend working with the Zyris team.

Ryan Polasek
Westech Solutions
Shannon Hoover

We have had the opportunity to work with the team at Zyris a number of times, and recently with a complex, last minute project. They delivered on time, exceeded all expectations, were professional despite the stressful environment, and provided maybe the best documentation and follow up that we’ve seen. Working with them was a pleasure and we’re looking forward to our next project.

We had the pleasure of working with the Zyris team over the past 9-months and have been impressed with the strategic insights, technical ability and candid communication of Zyris Software. Over the 9-month period, we designed and developed a powerful web application software which will serve as the foundational platform for our future growth. Zyris was flexible and responsive in meeting both in person and over the phone and made or exceeded all established milestones for our project. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to build game-changing technology that truly represents the value proposition of their business.

Craig Rieger
Fit Metabolism
Cameron Martel
SwaveSites Inc

Since working with Zyris Software we have been able to finally rely on a development team that delivers both a quality product and a punctual deadline. Zyris Software has never missed a deadline, and all the software they have delivered to us has always been exceptional. It’s rare that I am able to afford such praise to another company and I am grateful that we have cultivated such a productive relationship with Zyris Software. I simply could not ask for more in a development partner.

We engaged Zyris Software to upgrade our eCommerce marketplace in the spring of 2019. They provided a very detailed plan including time-frames with hard dates for delivery throughout the project. We were pleased with the communication throughout and delighted that the time frames were met. Not only were we happy with the deliverables during the process but also the fact that the entire project was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget. Thank you team Zyris.

Brent Cheal
Dave Hrynkiw

Solarbotics Ltd. has had a presence on the Internet since the early 1990’s at the beginning of the era of ecommerce. Our initial four iterations of hand-crafted “artisanal” websites allowed us to create a tailored ecommerce experience, but cost us regarding ongoing maintenance, legacy issues, and security concerns. It was time to migrate our platform to one allowing better management of our growing web presence. Zyris was suggested to us as a firm that would produce a solution for us at very professional level. Zyris was very capable laying out a development process to ensure what we reviewed and signed-off on was developed and delivered in a timely manner. We are very pleased to receive our new WordPress/Woocommerce platform so we can continue refining solarbotics.com to better serve the DIY electronics & robotics community.

Zoë Klintberg & Steve Nagy
Rocket House Productions
Shannon Hoover

Also, the past companies we've had the pleasure of working with, Thank You!

We loved many of the projects you trusted us with

Thank you again to all of the wonderful founders that helped us get here.